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Project: Adidas Design Call / Winner
Client: Adidas

Description: Winning T-shirt design for Adidas Design Call'22, a design contest organised by Adidas Turkey & Studio Mercado. The theme for this contest was 'Istanbul'. Out of over 2500 applications, 5 winning designs were selected, and this design was one of them.

The concept of "
Istanbul: From its Origins" explored vital items of the city of Istanbul - items that you wouldn't be able to think of Istanbul without. Each of these items was transformed into one of the letters of the word "Istanbul", using only two design elements that could be considered the origins of Graphic Design: a circle and a rectangle. The selected colour scheme for the original submission referenced the very same concept - it focused on more soft, natural tones intending to represent the origin colours of the city of Istanbul.

Adidas produced the winning designs in 4 different colour ways, and these were sold exclusively in their renewed flagship store in Istanbul’s Istiklal Street. Below you can see both my original submission in its original colour way, as well as the final outcome and new 4 colour ways that were produced and sold in Istanbul’s Adidas flagship store. A 5th blue colour way was added to the collection later down the line, after a large amount of the original range was sold out. 

Photo©: Adidas Turkey & Studio Mercado

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