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Deniz Defne Acerol 01

Buğra Ceylan 04

Buğra Ceylan 03 & 05

Ece Öz - RAW 01-05

Project: CROPS Wallpaper
Client: Ekin Kohen

Description: Wallpaper Collection Design & Production Assets for CROPS. The collection design was based around taking original artworks from 4 Turkish artists (Buğra Ceylan, Başak Kademoğlu, Deniz Defne Acerol & Ece Öz) and turning these artworks into high resolution bespoke wallpaper designs with customised layout and colour options.

Once the collection was finalised, I also prepared all production-related assets, from samples to print files to the physical and digital catalogues. The sampling and print files preparation included the wider house collection of CROPS wallpapers as well.

Deniz Defne Acerol 02