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Project: Nike - London: On Air
Client: Nike

Description: Sneaker Design & Artwork Pack designed during & after the 2018 "London: On Air" workshop hosted by Nike London, where a selection of London-based creatives were invited to design their own take of London's very own Air Max Sneaker.

The design's origin was the concept of 
"Harmony of Contrast", which was present throughout the city. Whether it be the people or the buildings, London to me was a primary example of how each and everyone could be unapologetically themselves, creating really strong items in the city, yet work so 
well when coming together in London. 

This contrast was carried out to the design in items such as the colours, stitches, logo and more. The original logo was blended into the sneaker with stitched outlines, whilst a more angled Nike swoosh was added underneath. The concept of it being "more angled" than the original logo translated into the
"Nike: More Air" concept - where Londoners are at the highest level of themselves and their unique identities, whilst living in perfect harmony with others who might be on the complete opposite end of the stick.

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